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The Girl Behind Papergirl Designs

Hi. I'm Carolyn – an artist, wife, and mother.

My time at ad agencies, creative shops, and design studios has resulted in great experience, numerous awards, and an extensive portfolio. I've also produced distinctive art in mosiac tile, jewelry, and ceramics.

When I'm not in the studio, my life revolves around family and friends. Our days are filled with grade school projects, gymnastic practice, baseball, books, and daily games of fetch with Rosie, the wonder dog.

While toying with the idea of designing a fun and attractive wrapping paper, I discovered several creative concepts. Because of my love for animals and interest in the niche market, I first settled on a dog-themed visual. My designs were so well-received by friends and colleagues, I decided to go to print. I eventually created coordinating greeting cards and gift tags featuring cats and dogs, which offer a complete gifting package. Papergirl Designs line is available on Etsy. A growing number of on-line stores and pet boutiques also feature my brand.

Papergirl Designs donates proceeds and products to several pet organizations annually.

Custom designs are available. Send an email or call to discuss your interest in a special project.

To see my professional portfolio, go to